“Save Money and Time With GPS Fleet Tracking,” Brampton Companies Say!

“Save Money and Time With GPS Fleet Tracking,” Brampton Companies Say!

• We will reduce your payroll, overtime, fuel expenses & increase your billable hours by at least $150.00/m on each of your commercial vehicles or your money back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

• How to be a ROCK STAR at managing your commercial vehicles by implementing a GPS tracking solution effectively.

• Our 5 step GPS mastery will put $150.00/m or more in your pocket for each of your vehicles

Businesses live or die by the amount of relentless attention their owners pay to the details of their day-to-day operations. Nobody can miss the obvious elements like maintaining good accounts and making sure the lights stay on, but the finer details of running a company are just as important. As a good business owner, you keep track of everything; office supplies to employee sick days to complicated corporate tax regulations. So why wouldn’t you take such care in tracking your company vehicles? If you have business vehicles on the road delivering goods, making sales calls or conducting on-site repair visits, why wouldn’t you want to know everything about everything those vehicles are doing at every second of every day? There was a time when the best you could do was to keep a rough idea in your head about how much mileage should be on which vehicle based on calls for service and compare those to log entries. These entries were typically handwritten each day by the employees driving the company vehicles. Luckily, with the advent of GPS fleet tracking, Brampton entrepreneurs have access to incredibly detailed reports and data, helping them easily keep a watchful eye on a major potential expense.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If you’re not tracking corporate vehicle mileage and routes, what are you missing? Well, you could be wasting money in fuel costs due to employees taking inefficient routes to get to and from their destinations. You could be missing out on changes to save on labour costs by overlooking employees spending an awfully long time in the coffee shop parking lot between visits to clients. You could be missing out on the chance to protect yourself from fraudulent customer complaints about your employees on showing up on time or at all – something your GPS vehicle tracking map could confirm or refute in an instant. By teaming up with a GPS tracking company to install state-of-the-art technological tools in your commercial vehicle fleet you’re giving yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing that some of your most valuable capital assets are under your watchful eye, right where they belong.

No Contract, No Problem

Once you’ve decided you want to enlist the help of a vehicle tracking company, it’s just a matter of finding the right one for you. The best options out there include a whole suite of tools to help you get the most out of their systems. Look for a company that offers both real-time and archived information about detailed routes, arrival and departure times, and speed of travel so that you can check real time activities as well as calling up past information in a hurry. Another helpful feature is notifications and alerts to let you know when one of your corporate vehicles has been sitting idle for too long. And of course, you want to see reports that are as detailed as possible about all elements of your fleet.

No matter which way you look at it and no matter what size your business is, or what industry you operate in, with GPS fleet tracking, Brampton business owners just like you are saving time, money and hassle, all while lowering their bottom line and giving themselves much-needed peace of mind.

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